viernes, febrero 17, 2012

Freaking Me Out

What the hell's going on?
Have you gone undercover?

You were here, now you're not
Been replaced by another

'Cause it's still your face
But there's something strange

Not the one 
I   r e m e m b e r

Can you please explain
Did they wipe your brain?

Is  this  gonna  be  forever?

'Cause everything you say
Everything you do
Is freaking me out, freaking me out

You know we used to be the same
Who the hell are you?

Freaking me out, freaking me out

Then I swear I thought I knew you
But all that was yesterday

And now you turn it around, what's that about?
'Cause you're freaking me out, freaking me out

.  .  .

Think you're real but you're fake
Think you're deep but you're shallow

You've become, what you hate
Now you're lost, just a shadow

So we pull your strings
'Cause it makes no sense
That you act like you're better

You can say these things
To your so-called friends
And they just might think you're clever

. . .

Freaking Me Out, Simple Plan ft. Alex Gaskarth

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